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Birth Joy Of Boulder Doula

Supporting Joy

                               Why Do I Need A Birth Doula?  

A birth doula is a trained professional who provides physical, emotional, and informational support to a person before, during, and after childbirth. 

Today, doulas are an important part of the birth team. They are there to provide continuous support for the birthing person and their partner or family.

Doulas can help reduce stress, anxiety, and fear during childbirth. They can also help increase the chances of a vaginal birth, decrease the use of pain medication, and shorten the length of labor.

At Birth Joy of Boulder Doula Services, I am a certified professional Doula RN who is here to support you during your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum period.  I offer a variety of services as your birth doula, including:

* Prenatal support and education

* Birth Doula support

* Spinning Babies Education

* Prenatal Massage

* Constructing a Birth Plan

* Birth Photography 

* Preparation for your 4th Trimester

* Postpartum Doula Support

* Lactation support

* Birth Debriefing

* Infant Massage Lesson

If you're interested in learning more about Tamra,  Birth Doula,  and RN please contact me today. I'll be happy to answer any of your questions and help you create a birth plan that’s right for you. 

With all of the Birth Doulas in this area why should you choose me to be your Birth Doula? Because experience matters when you're working in pregnancy and birth for an optimal outcome without trauma, and I provide the best Birth RN Doula experience in Boulder!

Allow me use my knowledge and experience to support you through YOUR process in a way that meets YOUR goals for a beautiful, healthy, and empowering birth.


It's true that all pregnancies and births are different, with each experience being special and unique in its own way. That’s why I work with you to customize my support services, always striving to meet your needs, desires, and expectations.

I invite you to view the services I offer below, and get in touch with me to schedule an initial meeting. I'm well versed or certified in several different labor methods, Spinning Babies, as well as pregnancy prep methods which means I can support your labor and birth goals in a educated way.

All new families benefit from skilled support and education, and hiring a nurse-doula is the best way to make your experience as stress-free and joyful as possible.

I provide support as a Birth Doula, massage therapist doing prenatal massage, postpartum massage and beyond, postpartum doula support, and lactation counseling.

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Love From My Clients

Tamra is amazing! She is warm and supportive while also offering a wealth of knowledge and medical experience as an RN. She takes ample time to connect with her clients and to thoroughly answer questions and explore decisions. Hiring Tamra was one of the best decisions I could have made for my pregnancy.

Annalise E.

I'm so grateful for Tamra's support and guidance throughout pregnancy, birth and postpartum which were all very intimidating for a first time parent! Tamra was extremely quick to respond to any and all questions, big or small. She also reached out regularly to check in, which was reassuring. When my birth plan unexpectedly changed, she was there to help us adjust. Even though I ended up having a c-section, having Tamra with us in the hospital to navigate everything was so helpful.
Tamra helped facilitate breastfeeding immediately and set me on a path to feel confident in my ability to breastfeed, which is not easy!
Knowing that Tamra would meet us at our home after the hospital gave us such peace of mind, and having her overnight allowed us not only to rest but to gently transition into being parents. Having her care for our baby during the early days was so relieving as there was no one else we would trust with our tiny newborn and we were confident that she would be in good hands with Tamra, which she was. Tamra will always be an important part of my parenting journey🙂

Lauren L.

My husband and I were thrilled when we discovered we were pregnant with our baby girl. We were also a bit terrified about it what to expect. We knew that we needed help to feel confident in our journey. Knowledge is power and Tamra has a wealth of wisdom and experience. One of the best decisions we made on our journey to parenthood was to hire Tamra as our Doula. She was able to answer all of our questions we had about my pregnancy and upcoming birth. She has seen a lot of babies come into this world and you can tell that she genuinely cares about the well being of her clients and their babies. She was able to provide us with a wealth of literature and videos to accompany our one on one conversations about what to expect.

When it came time for our little baby to join us, she was right by our sides. She was there to ease our minds and helped us understand each of the procedures that were necessary to helping our delivery. Her presence throughout the experience gave us the confidence we needed during the more challenging aspects of delivery. She also reminded us to appreciate and enjoy this beautiful gift of giving life.

Our postpartum experience has been equally as beautiful. She has been available for any and all questions we have as new parents. She is also very vested in our daughter’s life. She gets such a joy to hear how things are progressing and never tires of seeing pictures of our little love bug.

She is also an accomplished massage therapist and lactation specialist. The massages during and after pregnancy have been fundamental to our physical and mental well being. We also give her so much credit for getting our baby to breast feed from the beginning of her life.

My husband and I cannot emphasize enough what a difference having Tamra in our lives has made. She is a special woman with a special gift as a care giver. Her calming demeanor and experience as a doula and delivery nurse made all the difference in making our delivery story such a spectacular one.

Devlin D.

As first time parents, amidst a pandemic my husband and I were both excited to find out we were pregnant and very nervous. Tamra’s 20+ years experience as a labor and delivery nurse, lactation consultant, massage therapist and mom were invaluable preparing for, during, and after the labor and delivery process. She made sure we were set up for success upon our baby girl's arrival.

Tamra provided amazing support leading up to our delivery. She is deeply knowledgeable, responsive, and empathetic. We showed up to the hospital, and found out our baby was in a difficult position and there were some complications, I was so relieved to hear our midwife tell the nurse not to worry, because Tamra was our midwife and that she would be a huge asset in our labor process. The midwife was not wrong. Tamra was a huge support to myself and my husband. We both agreed we couldn’t have done it without her. It was also a big bonus that she knew and was respected by many of the staff, which put us at ease and made for an incredibly strong L&D team. I had a very long labor process and while the staff turned over knowing that we had Tamra there was comforting and incredibly helpful as different things came up.

Tamra was also right by my side to help me get breastfeeding successfully going right off the bat and to get us setup at home. Another fun benefit was the pictures Tamra took. I was skeptical at first by the idea of documenting labor, but I am so happy we have photos to remember the day.

It’s rare you meet someone who is truly so gifted in their chosen profession. My husband and I are both so deeply grateful she was a part of our birthing process.

Ashley T.

Tamra was referred to us and we are so grateful to have her be part of our lives. She is sweet, respectful, and honest. We value her experience as an RN, a doula and a mom. We particularly love the fact that she is trained as an RN, it gives us extra peace of mind knowing she is medically trained. She was also open about being COVID-19 vaccinated which was important for us. We completely trust her with our 4-month old son and his eyes light up whenever she comes over and looks after him. She is very flexible and understanding in case we need to change dates and or something comes up. We feel like she is more part of our family than someone whom we "hired". Thank you Tamra for everything you do. Extremely highly recommended!

Rafi Y.

I could never find the words to express how special Tamra is. I contacted her early in my pregnancy (5 weeks! ), and thank goodness, because as she's the BEST, she books up quickly. I'm 40, and partially put off having a baby out of fear, so naturally I was terrified and excited when I found out that I was pregnant (although planned!). I found Tamra from a quick online search for "the best doula in Boulder county" and there she was! From our first call, I knew she was someone I wanted on my team. Her wealth of knowledge, kindness, sense of humor, and compassion combine to make the perfect doula. I felt so incredibly prepared for my birth, my pregnancy, and postpartum journey that it has felt easy! Tamra is part of our family now, and I cannot recommend her enough.

Annie M.

I cannot emphasize enough how amazing tamra is. When I found out we were pregnant with our second baby, I knew I wanted to find a doula who could help us navigate the complexities of pregnancy, labor/delivery, and postpartum. I had a complicated first birth which resulted in a c-section. Tamra helped guide me through our second pregnancy and clearly laid out my options for labor and delivery. I appreciate her wealth of knowledge and ability to give us the facts with compassion. Tamra was incredibly supportive throughout my entire journey. I felt as though she was truly invested in us and she has become so much more than just our doula. She genuinely cares and helped us navigate a tricky birth that required quite a bit of skill. She was always there for us with unwavering support. I will forever be grateful to tamra for how generously she supported our whole family. Tamra is truly the best doula around!-Jaqueline H.
Birth Joy of Boulder Doula

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