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What My Experience Means For You


Allow me use my knowledge to help support you through YOUR process in a way that meets YOUR goals for a beautiful birth.

All pregnancies are different, with each experience being special and unique in its own way. That’s why I work with you to customize my support services, always striving to meet your needs, desires, and expectations. I invite you to view the services I offer below, and get in touch with me to schedule an initial meeting. I'm well versed or certified in several different labor methods, which means I can support your labor and birth goals in a educated way. 

When fewer family members are able to visit and hold the space needed to support a soon-to-be new family, hiring a doula for support is the best way to make your experience as stress-free and joyful as possible. 

What I Offer You

At this time of Covid when women have less contact with their providers, doulas are more necessary than ever. As your Doula, I can provide guidance, education, and resources to support you and your partner during your pregnancy, labor and postpartum period. I am here to support your vision, and plan. I can guide you week by week to prepare for birth. 

When fewer family members are able to visit and hold the space needed to support a soon-to-be new family, hiring a doula for support is the best way to make your experience as stress-free and joyful as possible. 

~As a former Labor and Delivery Nurse of 20 years, and having supported over 2000 families through births, I am able to educate you on the process you go through during your pregnancy, labor and delivery to help you meet the goals you're hoping for.

~If you so choose, I will help you prepare your body for labor with a prenatal massage, and or other forms of bodywork, at your home, or mine and then another massage once you have delivered aimed at speeding your recovery.

~I can offer support with Spinning Babies techniques to prepare you for your optimal birth.

~I offer my support your first week home to help you sleep, recover, and make you successful caring for your new baby. This can include breastfeeding support.

~As a gift to you, I photograph your journey, so that you may enjoy the incredible experience from another perspective.

~I will make sure you have the resources you need for a successful 4th trimester. This includes, food, your physical recovery, your emotional wellbeing, and help with feeding your baby.

~If your goal is to breastfeed, we will work together throughout your 4th trimester to make you completely successful at breastfeeding.

Birth Doula Package

I take on a limited number of clients at any one time to make sure I can give you the full care and attention you deserve. I offer price options to help meet your needs.

Virtual support is also a great option for families that desire no extra contact during their pregnancy and birth. My rate is reduced for this package. 

Birth Doula + Childbirth Education + Postpartum Support, + Lactation Counseling + Massage, to help get everyone rest, recovery, and education in caring for your new baby. Please contact me for pricing. I offer options you can choose from so I can make something work for all families.

Add a 90 min. massage (or two, one before and one after delivery) in your home or mine. $140. for 90min. (in Boulder County) in your home/$90. for 90 min. in my home.

Postpartum Doula

Get extra personal support throughout the entirety of your 4th trimester journey. 

I’m here to share 20 years worth of knowledge in just this area. From healing your body, lactation support, and postpartum massage. I’m here to support you and your family so you can enjoy your new baby.

I'm available for overnight Doula support also, 9pm-7am.

Lactation Support

I provide 20 years of experience helping new mothers through this dynamic and deeply bonding experience. I can come to your home, or you can FaceTime me 8am-10pm any day, for immediate help with breastfeeding.

~$60 a session

Prenatal Massage

During this massage in your home, we will relax the mind and body in preparation for an optimal birth experience.

90 minutes, $140

Getting Ready for Baby

For this package, I will shop for everything you will need at home after delivering, including healthy prepared meals for your freezer. 

Labor Stimulating Massage

I will massage your acupressure points to encourage labor. Done upon receiving approval for your provider after 39 weeks.
30 min. $60

Postpartum Recovery Package

In your home we will do a 90 minute massage to help you heal and recover, next you soak and relax in an herbal epsom salt bath with essential oil to aid in your relaxation and healing, while enjoying a special herbal tea to help you heal from the inside. When you finish your bath, you can go to bed to sleep while I tidy up the house, and watch the baby.
4 hours $330.


I sell the top professional grade supplement brands to help support the wellbeing of you and everyone in your family.

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Tamra's Professional Journey

For over 20 years Tamra has guided families through childbirth and the postpartum period.  Tamra began helping families as a labor and delivery nurse at Denver Health, where she supported the underserved community of the Denver metro area.  After moving back to Boulder in the early 2000’s, she began work in Boulder Community Hospital’s Labor and Delivery department where she worked as a registered nurse for over sixteen years helping thousands of families have the healthy deliveries they envisioned, and applying her skills to support breastfeeding mothers.  Tamra also worked in Boulder Community Hospital’s postpartum department, where she gained thousands of hours of experience serving families after the birth of a new child. 

Prior to her career as a nurse, Tamra attended The Colorado Institute of Massage, Her profession was a certified massage therapist for over 10 years.  She focused on sports massage and had many professional athletes as clients.  After becoming a nurse, she integrated her massage experience to better serve the needs of families in the birth setting.

With this setting being Tamra's life passion, and her advanced set of skills, Tamra can provide expert guidance from the beginning of pregnancy well into your postpartum period, with the ability to care for everyone in the family.  She has the expertise to prepare you for breastfeeding, birth, and postpartum needs, and support your physical wellbeing with massage during pregnancy.  This permits her to develop a unique, enduring relationship with her clients and allows her to gain a deep knowledge of you and your family’s needs, so that this special time is as joyful as possible for the entire family, because continuity of care is so important.

Tamra’s experience with every type of pregnancy and birth scenario is rich and one that her clients will benefit from. Tamra offers prenatal, birth, postpartum care, massage, loss support, lactation support, and help with sleep for the whole family before and after delivery.

Tamra has lived in Boulder for 35 years and still loves to experience all the unique things Colorado has to offer.  She loves to run, hike, see live bluegrass concerts, and camp with her husband, two teenagers, and her Portuguese Waterdog, Mateo.

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What is a Monitrice Doula

A monitrice is a person who acts in all the ways a doula functions during labor and birth. ADDITIONALLY, she has nursing or midwifery or medical training in the field of maternal-child health. She may be a former labor & delivery nurse, a certified professional midwife in a state where this type of midwife is not legal, or a non-practicing nurse-midwife. She is trained in fetal monitoring, performing internal exams during labor, neonatal resuscitation and breastfeeding and postpartum care. A monitrice generally will stay with clients at home, functioning as their doula as well as medically assisting with the labor and communicating with the primaryhealth care provider, who could be a midwife or physician. Monitrices do not intentionally deliver babies on their own. They go into the hospital with the laboring woman when she is close to delivery, and continue to support her during the labor, but the woman’s midwife or physician then delivers the baby. After the birth the monitrice provides postpartum follow-up care, assessing breastfeeding and newborn concerns, and referring to lactation consultants and pediatricians when appropriate.

Benefits to Working with a Monitrice

1. A monitrice is professionally trained in both maternal-child health as well as labor support.

2. A monitrice can work with you at home prior to coming into the hospital.

3. While at home, a monitrice can monitor your labor by listening to your baby’s heart rate, checking cervical dilatation and observing for normal

and abnormal labor patterns.

4. When your labor begins spontaneously, the monitrice can come to your home and work with you there until late active labor, so in many circumstances you can stay at home until 8 cm dilatation before coming into the hospital.

5. A monitrice is trained in normal newborn delivery & neonatal resuscitation in the event the baby comes faster than expected. She is also trained in fetal heart rate monitoring and newborn care and breastfeeding assistance.

6. A monitrice is trained in providing labor support for natural birth. She uses tools such as positioning, teaching abdominal breathing and deep relaxation, as well as other tools to facilitate a natural birth.

7. A monitrice has knowledge of labor and birth interventions. She can explain risks and benefits of labor medications and procedures such as epidural anesthesia and cesarean section.

8. A monitrice can speak to the primary health care provider and hospital nurses about your preferences and plan of care during the labor and birth process.

9. A monitrice can assist after the birth with the initiation of breastfeeding and evaluating normal and abnormal postpartum concerns.

10. A monitrice can evaluate newborns after mother and baby are discharged from the hospital and make appropriate referrals to lactations consultants and pediatricians in situations where mother and/or baby need further care.

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Tamra Giffin RN, Monitrice Doula CD(DONA), Lactation Certified, Certified Massage Therapist  I'm Covid Vaccinated!


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